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ISO serious end suction(ISO2858)

ISO serious end suction(ISO2858)
Model name : ISO
Capacity range : 10-2000m3/h
Head range : 5-150m
Material : Cast iron, stainless steel, brass
Coupling : Flexible,diaphragm,tyre
Application : Industry,fire,irrigation,water treatment,chemical water
Standard : ISO2858/5199((EN22858/25199)


Horizontal single stage,end suction with vertical discharge.The "back pull out' design allows for the maintenance of the pump without disturbing the pipework connected to the casing,or the pump alignment.The pump is built to the dimensional requirements of ISO 2858,Flanges are in accordance with EN 1092.

Performance Range:

Flow Rate: 10-2000m3/h

Head range: 5-150 m

Speed: 50Hz-1450rpm or 2900rpm; 60Hz- 1750rpm or 3500rpm

Temperature: -10°C-105°C

Worikng Pressure: 10 Bar standard, 16 Bar optional

Test Pressure: 16 Bar standard. 24 Bar optional


•Air Conditioning

•Fire Protection





•Cooling Towers


•Water Treatment & Supply


•Sea Water Treatment


Casing: Cast iron,ductile iron ,Carbon steel ,stainless steel

Impeller: Cast iron,ductile iron ,Carbon steel ,stainless steel,brozne

Shaft: carbon steel, stainless steel

Shaft sleeve: cast iron,carbon steel, stainless steel

wear ring: cast iron,carbon steel, stainless


Gland packing: Ramie,graphit,asbestos,Polytetrafluoroethylene

Mechanical seal:FAG,Burgmann,crane