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PA serious end suction(ISO24255)

Model name : PA
Capacity range : 10-1000m3/h
Head range : 4-150m
Material : Cast iron, stainless steel, bronze
Coupling : Flexible,diaphragm,tyre
Application : Industry,fire,irrigation,water treatment,chemical water
Standard : ISO24255(BS EN733)


The PA pumps fully confirms to the european pump standard DIN24255/BS EN733 and covers all size nominated.

The PA pumps offers users many advantages over equivalent pumps, because the range incorporates a numbef of featufes that improve relability & performance, whie simplifying maintenance and spare parts inventory.

The Pumps has a back pull-out design, and when a suitable spacer is fitted to a direct coupled unit. the casing and motor can remain inposition while all other pump parts can be removed for simple and quick maintenance.

Performance Range:

Flow Rate: 2-1100m3/h

Head range: 2-150 m

Speed: 50Hz-1450rpm or 2900rpm; 60Hz- 1750rpm or 3500rpm

Temperature: -10°C-105°C

Worikng Pressure: 10 Bar standard, 16 Bar optional

Test Pressure: 16 Bar standard. 24 Bar optional


•Air Conditioning

•Fire Protection





•Cooling Towers


•Water Treatment & Supply


•Sea Water Treatment


Casing: Cast iron,ductile iron ,Carbon steel ,stainless steel

Impeller: Cast iron,ductile iron ,Carbon steel ,stainless steel,brozne

Shaft: carbon steel, stainless steel

Shaft sleeve: cast iron,carbon steel, stainless steel

wear ring: cast iron,carbon steel, stainless


Gland packing: Ramie,graphit,asbestos,Polytetrafluoroethylene

Mechanical seal:FAG,Burgmann,crane